Umpqua Oats Wholesale

We offer free shipping to regional business locations* in the Northeastern United States with oatmeal purchases over $99.

* CT, DC, DE, MA, MD, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VA

About Us

Archer Foods is a full stocking wholesale distributor of specialty food and beverage ingredients. With a focus on upscale menus, Archer Foods brings one of the nation’s largest selections of allied beverage products to the independent café, coffee house and espresso bar operator.

With more choices in all major cafe menu categories Archer Foods serves as a single source supplier to an expanding customer base that relies on just-in-time delivery of nearly all ingredients required to prepare a full menu of specialized handmade beverages.

Our rapid order fulfillment provides immediate access to a full range of cafe products that won't require a shop owner to spend extensive time forecasting their needs. This dynamic inventory replenishment often enables purchasing to be delegated to front line managers that can better respond to fluctuating customer demand without the owners concern for costly purchasing errors.

From single location Owner/operators to Multi-store chains Archer Foods provides competitive landed pricing through exceptional shipping consolidation. With low minimums and the capability to deliver nearly all products in both assorted and less-than-case quantities the independent operator now has immediate access to just what they need, just when they need it!